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Common Issues that we can help with

We understand that life can present a range of challenges that affect your mental and emotional well-being. As such, we’ve listed out some common areas that we help our clients address, and describe how our team of compassionate therapists can assist in working through them.

We believe that understanding your mental health is the first step toward healing and growth, so we invite you to explore the following sections. In each one, you will learn brief insights into what these issues entail, how they can impact your life, and how therapy can help you navigate them effectively. Whatever brought your curiosity to therapy, we’ve got you covered, and we would love to discuss this with you in our free consultation. Together, we can help you strive for meaningful change in your life.

Areas We Help Address

Depression: Lifting a Heavy Cloud

You might be feeling heavy, unmotivated, listless or hopeless. We are here to help you address your depression.

Anxiety: Weathering the Storm

You might find yourself worrying excessively about the future and avoiding situations or behaviours that might trigger you to overthink and second-guess. We can help you overcome these feelings of overwhelming stress, fear, restlessness and nervousness.

Trauma: Regrowth and Resilience

We are here to help you work through highly emotionally distressing events from the past that continue to negatively affect you in the present day.

Addiction: Road to Recovery

You may be experiencing a strong uncontrollable urge to engage with a substance or behaviour, despite the negative consequences. Whatever it is, we can help you navigate this addiction to set you on your road to recovery.

Culture: Embracing Diversity

You might have questions about your family and ways that you were brought up, or might be faced with a social injustice at work stemming from systemic discrimination. Our team is happy to help you work through cultural issues to help you live a safe and fulfilling life.

Couples’ and Relationships: Fighting for Each Other

Poor communication leading to arguments, lack of intimacy, and recovery from infidelity are some of the many potential issues that we can help couples navigate in therapy.

Career and Work: Finding Your Direction

Our team is ready to help you work through all areas of work and career, including lack of satisfaction, motivation, team dynamics, growth opportunities, burnout and career changes.

Mental Performance: Striving for Peak Performance

Our team is ready to help you improve your athletic performance by working through mental blocks during competition, enhancing your mental toughness, incorporating visualization and self-talk, and honing in your focus and attention.

Grief and Loss: Together in Healing

It is a challenging and painful time when we lose someone or something dear to us. You do not need to walk through this alone – our team is ready to provide you with the support you need.

Youth and Children: Nurturing Young Minds

Young minds work differently, and so they will experience different issues in social relationships, school work, emotional expression, and relationships at home. Our team of specialists are dedicated to help your child through their unique challenges.

Our Services

Introductory Phone Consultation – Free (15 mins)

This quick introductory consultation is an opportunity for you to briefly connect with a counsellor you are curious or interested in working with.

More About: Introductory Session

Before committing to therapy, take advantage of this free, quick consultation to get to know your potential counselor and if they’re a good fit for you. Use this time to answer any urgent questions about therapy in general (especially if it’s your first time!) or about your counsellor. You can expect your counsellor to talk about their process and approach to working with clients and particular issues. Also take note if you feel comfortable with the counsellor and if you see yourself sharing openly with them. This is arguably the most important ingredient for a meaningful, therapeutic relationship. Reach out today.

Introductory Consultation Session – FREE (50 mins)

Try a free 50 mins intro session with one of our intern counsellors! Note: this offer is not applicable with Associate Counsellors.

More About: Introductory Session

We understand that sometimes jumping into a counselling relationship can be intimidating. This is why we are offering a free full consultation session with an intern counsellor where you can ask all your questions, get an understanding of what to expect from counselling, and to learn about your counsellor’s process. This is a great way to get a sense of what sessions moving forward can feel like, without the financial commitment. Ask us about this option and we would be happy to connect you!

Individual Counselling – $150 (50 mins) + GST

Speak one on one with a counsellor in the classic therapeutic setting about challenges in any area of your life.

More About: Individual Counselling

Individual counselling helps resolve almost every area that may be causing challenges in your life – from acute issues such as panic attacks to wanting to be more self-aware and learn more about yourself. One of the greatest gifts of individual therapy is the relationship built with your counsellor based on feelings of trust, safety, and empathy. Counsellors at Strive view this journey as a collaborative experience where we are moving forward together side by side. We’re excited to start this journey with you!

Couples Counselling – $185 (50 mins)/$290 (90mins) GST

If you struggle to communicate with your partner or hesitate to even try to address an issue, then couples’ counselling can be a safe space for both of you to feel heard and move toward more open communication.


More About: Couples Counselling

Communication is important throughout your entire relationship, but it can be hard to navigate during the natural ebbs and flows over time. You may benefit from couples counselling if you find yourself asking these questions: “Why do small arguments turn into big fights?”, “Why can’t my partner and I seem to understand each other?”, “How can we possibly build trust after this betrayal?” or “Is this person the person I want to be with?”. At Strive, our counsellors help you answer these questions (and more) by providing the necessary tools and safe space to make changes and see the trajectory of your relationship. We offer pre-marital counselling, marriage counselling or separation and divorce counselling.

EMDR Session – $180 (60 mins)/$270 (90 mins) + GST

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) benefits those most who have experienced an acute traumatic event and struggle with reliving the event when thinking back to it. This therapy helps you reframe the memory to manage your reaction so you can heal and move on.

More About: EMDR Session

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a structured therapy designed to treat those who have experienced an acute traumatic event. EMDR focuses on accessing traumatic memories and the emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and physical sensations associated with them when you remember the event. An EMDR therapist guides you through the memory of the event and creates a new and less intense way to remember it. In other words, EMDR helps you rewrite how you perceive this memory and eliminates problematic symptoms associated with the trauma so you can move on and heal. If you have experienced a traumatic event (including struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), EMDR is highly effective and empirically supported as a form of treatment.

Sports Psychology and Mental Coaching – $150 (50 mins) + GST

Our Sports Psychology and Mental Coaching focuses on preparing your mind to overcome challenges that commonly interfere with optimal performance.

More About: Sports Psychology and Mental Coaching

The specific goal of is to help address challenges that might get in the way of you performing to the best of your ability. The focus of the sessions is to help enhance your mental fitness through awareness work by acquiring mental skills to optimize performance. Whether you are competing at the highest athletic level, auditioning for a big role, or delivering a high-stakes presentation, we can help you reach your potential!

Subsidized Counselling – $110 (50 mins) + GST

Not everyone has the luxury of accessing extended health benefits or employee assistance programs that would help with counselling costs.

More About: Subsidized Counselling

Not everyone has the luxury of accessing extended health benefits or employee assistance programs that would help with counselling costs. Some of you may even find yourself in challenging seasons of life, such as unemployment and needing to still care for your loved ones. It’s these times when your mental health can suffer the most. One of the core values at Strive Counselling is to make therapy services more accessible and available to everyone – including you! If you are finding yourself in a difficult financial situation, please get in touch with us for a free consultation to inquire about our subsidized counselling rate, so we can get you the help that you need.

Reduced-cost counselling is solely reserved for those who are in challenging financial situations. To qualify for this subsidized rate, you will need to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. You are not employed or are inconsistently employed
  2. You do not have reliable financial support (i.e., spousal or family support)
  3. You do not have insurance or health benefits to cover the cost of counselling
  4. You are a student who does not have access to benefits or coverage – Most post-secondary institutions will include student health benefits that cover counselling though.

We understand that there are many unique circumstances, and encourage you to have a consult with one of our counsellors to determine eligibility.

Intern Counsellor – $60 (50mins) + GST

Your journey in therapy can begin with a practicum counselling student. This is a great options especially for those who are starting counselling themselves, and who are looking to access more affordable options.

More About: Intern Counsellor

One of the primary components of becoming a Registered Clinical Counsellor is for counselling students to partake in a practicum semester (or two) at a clinical site. This placement means that these students will be providing full services as a therapist who are under the direct supervision of a registered and experienced clinician. This ensures that therapy is being delivered ethically, with great care, and adhering to the client’s needs.

There are several reasons where seeking help from an intern would be beneficial:

  1. The cost is quite affordable compared to seeing a registered counsellor.
  2. Prospective clients who have never started therapy before will have much to gain from therapy in general — whether it is from a trainee or a more experienced registered therapist — but at a more affordable rate.
  3. Since the student is under the direct supervision of the clinical director, you will be getting insight about your issues from ‘two’ therapists: The intern as well as their supervisor

If you are curious about working with an intern counsellor and want to discuss more details, please feel free to get in touch with your inquiries and we look forward to connecting with you!

Let Us Help You

We encourage you to book a 15-minute intro with us to address any questions before your first session, and to get to acquainted.

Everyone’s journey for healing is unique. For this reason, we believe you are the expert of your life, and we are here to learn more about you. Some clients may benefit from one of our services, or many; we are here to help you figure out your best direction. We also provide 90-minute sessions for those who wish for further exploration per visit.

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