Career and Work: Finding Your Direction

Navigating Your Career

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing job market, navigating the avenues of our professional world is filled with challenges. Whether you are a recent graduate stepping into ‘your first big job’, or a seasoned working professional considering a career change, career counselling can provide the guidance and support needed for your journey. Many common career and work issues can include navigating challenging workplace relationships, stress and burn-out management, work-life balance, and finding motivation.

Cultural Issues may be making you experience challenges that impact your mental health

Indicators That You May Be Facing Career-Related Challenges

Career and work issues can affect your mental and physical health. Here are signs you might be experiencing career and work issues:

Lack of Fulfillment

Feeling dissatisfied or unfulfilled with your current job role, responsibilities, or workplace environment.

Conflict in the Workplace

Dealing with interpersonal conflicts, communication breakdowns, or a toxic work culture that impacts job satisfaction and morale.

Career Plateau

Feeling stuck or stagnant in your career progression, lacking opportunities for growth or advancement.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Constantly feeling overwhelmed or stressed by the demands of your job and personal life, struggling to find balance.


Putting off tasks or responsibilities at work or in your personal life, feeling unable to tackle them effectively.

Impact on Health

Experiencing negative effects on your physical and mental health due to work-related stress, including increased anxiety, depression, or burnout.

How we can help

At Strive Counselling, our experienced counsellors are filled with helpful career resources and strategies to help you manage your challenges at work, or to feel confident in taking the most meaningful direction forward. We offer a comprehensive approach to career-related issues that include personalized assessments, goal setting, strategic planning, and effective communication. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Focuses on setting realistic goals, developing problem-solving skills, and managing stress and anxiety related to work.

Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT)

Focuses on setting clear, achievable goals and exploring what steps can be taken to move towards those goals.

Mindfulness-based Therapy (MBT)

Can significantly help with work and career issues by promoting awareness, resilience, and effective coping strategies.

Managing Your Challenges Together

If any of these issues are relatable, or if you have any further career curiosities, reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation – we would love to hear from you! Together, we can help you find your direction to achieving the clarity and confidence you are looking for in your career.

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