Culture: Embracing Diversity

Facing Diversity-Based Issues

In our increasingly diverse and interconnected world, individuals from various cultural backgrounds face unique challenges that can impact their mental health and well-being. For many people of colour, these difficulties can stem from a personal level (family relationships), to a community-based one (intergenerational trauma), to a societal one (systemic discrimination and racial injustice). If any of these challenges apply to you, then you might be experiencing feelings of grief, anger, shame, sadness, or humiliation. Without a doubt, these experiences would make it difficult to lead a meaningful and purposeful life. 

Cultural Issues may be making you experience challenges that impact your mental health

Indicators That You May Be Facing Cultural-Based Issues

Cultural-based issues can manifest in various ways, impacting individuals or groups differently based on their cultural backgrounds. Here are signs you might be experiencing cultural-based issues:

Identity Confusion

Feeling conflicted or uncertain about your cultural identity, values, or beliefs, especially in multicultural or immigrant contexts.


Experiencing systemic or interpersonal discrimination, prejudice, or microaggressions based on your cultural background.

Community Expectations

Pressure to conform to cultural expectations or norms within your family or community, which may conflict with personal values or aspirations.

Cultural Isolation

Feeling isolated or disconnected from both your cultural heritage and the dominant culture, leading to a sense of alienation or loneliness.

Acculturation Stress

Feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed when navigating between different cultural environments, such as at home, work, or social settings.

Internal Conflict

Struggling with internal conflicts related to cultural identity, values, or beliefs, which can impact decision-making, relationships, and overall well-being.

How we can help

Strive Counselling is staffed with a team of BIPOC counsellors with Asian backgrounds, including East, South-East and South Asia. Our therapists are dedicated to advocating for the needs of clients from the global majority (i.e., clients of colour) based on cultural humility and social justice. In other words, we approach clients with an open mind and a willingness to learn and acknowledge our own limitations while honouring diversity and being curious about your experiences.

We have provided three common therapy treatments that are provided at Strive Counselling for you to learn about.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Integrates CBT techniques with cultural sensitivity to address how cultural factors influence thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Art Therapy

Express complex thoughts, feelings, and experiences that may be difficult to articulate verbally, especially related to cultural identity and diversity.

Narrative Therapy

Explores how individuals’ stories, influenced by cultural contexts and societal narratives, shape their identities and experiences.

Getting Support

In your sessions, you can expect to feel safe, understood, and empowered to navigate any cultural concerns that might bring you to therapy, including cultural adjustments, identity issues, intergenerational conflicts, or family dynamics. If you want support from a team that values these unique cultural experiences, please reach out to us today to schedule your free consultation. 

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