Mental Performance: Striving for Peak Performance

What is mental performance?

From having a “Mamba Mentality” (Kobe Bryant – 5x NBA Champion) to “Hard work and Dedication” (Floyd Mayweather – undefeated pro boxer), mental performance has, without a doubt, been an integral part of the success seen in the highest performing athletes. Mental performance and mental health share commonalities but are actually different, where the former fits under the broader umbrella of the other. In other words, stable mental health is needed to achieve optimal mental performance, which leads to peak athletic performance. If you have been competing at the elite level of your respect sport, you are undoubtedly aware of the importance of maintaining physical fitness. The same dedication, focus and attention must be given to your mental fitness, as this is what gives athletes with the same physical talents an edge over the other.

Mental performance and mental skills training would be helpful if you are: struggling to maintain focus and concentration during practice or competitions<br />

When mental skills training can be useful

Mental skills training can be useful in a variety of contexts where enhancing cognitive and emotional functioning can improve performance, well-being, and resilience. Here are some key areas where mental skills training can be particularly beneficial:

Lack of Focus

Struggling to maintain focus and concentration during practice or competitions

Performance Anxiety

Experiencing high levels of performance anxiety or nervousness before/during a game

Lack of Motivation

Having a hard time staying motivated or to push through challenging training camps

Poor Self-Esteem

Struggling with negative self-talk, self-doubt, or imposter syndrome

Having trouble managing your emotions during a competition

Uncertain About Objectives

Unsure about your sense of direction or knowing how to set goals

Work-Life Balance Disrupted

Finding it hard to balance the demands of your sport, and other important areas of your life


Feeling a sense of hopelessness and helplessness in the face of an injury

Lack of Consistency

Struggling to be be consistent with how you perform during practice and competition

Unstable Relationships

Having a hard time managing the expectations from coaches, teammates and family

How we can help

At Strive, our mental performance consultants (MPCs) and counsellors working in the context of sports and athletes provide personalized assessments to tailor your mental performance needs. Whether it is needing tools to manage ‘choking’, staying motivated, maintaining focus and alertness during competition, optimizing confidence through self-talk, or learning how to utilize visualization techniques, our counsellors can help you perform under high-pressure situations by developing and sharpening a winning mindset. 

Mental Skills Training for Athletic Performance

Setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals to provide clear focus and motivation, reducing anxiety through structured progress.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT helps individuals accept difficult emotions and thoughts while committing to behavior changes.

Mindfulness-based Therapy (MBT)

MBT can help athletes understand and navigate the mental states of teammates, improving communication, cohesion, and collaboration within a team.

Managing Your Challenges Together

Whether you are preparing for a major competition, recovering from an injury, or striving to improve your overall performance, our MPCs are ready to embark on your journey to peak athletic performance. Together, we can work towards reaching your potential and finding new heights in your athletic career. 

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