Gottman Method for Couples’ Therapy

What is Gottman Method for Couples’ Therapy?

Gottman Method Couples Therapy is a popular structured approach designed to help couples strengthen their relationships and navigate challenges. Developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, this method focuses on building a deep sense of understanding, respect, and connection between partners. It provides practical tools and strategies to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and enhance emotional intimacy.

In Gottman Method Couples Therapy, you and your partner will work with a therapist to assess the strengths and areas of concern in your relationship. The therapy process includes structured interventions that address key aspects of a healthy relationship, such as managing conflict, fostering admiration and fondness, and creating shared goals and dreams. The hope is to help you build a strong foundation of friendship and trust, which can support you through both everyday stresses and significant life events. By learning and practicing the Gottman Method principles, you can develop skills to better understand each other, express your needs and emotions constructively, and create a more fulfilling and resilient relationship.

Strive Counselling's Gottman Method Couples Therapy is a popular structured approach designed to help couples strengthen their relationships and navigate challenges.

What can the Gottman Method help with?

The Gottman Method Therapy, developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, is a structured, goal-oriented, and scientifically-based approach to couples therapy. It is designed to improve the quality and stability of relationships. Here are some of the key areas where the Gottman Method can be particularly beneficial:

Improving Communication

Improving communication skills and understanding between partners

Strengthening Relationship Foundations

Building and maintaining a strong foundation of trust and intimacy

Building Positive Interatcions

Improving a sense of gratitude, fondness and intimacy between partners

Managing Conflict

Developing a robust toolkit for managing conflicts constructively

Enhancing Emotional Connection

Increasing emotional connection and appropriate responsiveness towards each other

Building Trust

Decreasing feelings of contempt and distrust

Strengthening inherent friendships between partners

The Gottman Method Process

1. Assessment
  • Initial Evaluation: The therapy process begins with a thorough assessment of the couple’s relationship. This includes individual interviews with each partner and the completion of questionnaires designed to identify strengths and challenges in the relationship.
  • Relationship Checkup: The Gottman Relationship Checkup is a comprehensive assessment tool that evaluates the couple’s friendship, intimacy, and conflict management skills, as well as their shared values and goals.
2. Feedback Session
  • Sharing Findings: The therapist shares the assessment results with the couple, highlighting key areas of strength and areas that need improvement.
  • Goal Setting: Based on the assessment findings, the therapist and the couple collaboratively set specific, measurable goals for therapy.
3. Building the Sound Relationship House
  • Creating a Strong Foundation: The therapist introduces the concept of the Sound Relationship House, which includes building love maps (detailed knowledge about each other’s world), nurturing fondness and admiration, and turning towards each other instead of away.
  • Positive Perspective: Couples work on building a positive perspective by fostering an environment of mutual respect and appreciation.
4. Managing Conflict
  • Conflict Resolution Skills: The therapist teaches the couple effective conflict resolution skills, including gentle startup, using “I” statements, and practicing self-soothing techniques.
  • Understanding Conflict Patterns: Couples learn to identify and understand their conflict patterns, focusing on managing rather than eliminating conflict.
  • Repair and De-escalate: Techniques for making repair attempts during conflicts and de-escalating tensions are practiced.
5. Creating Shared Meaning
  • Shared Goals and Values: The couple explores their shared goals, values, and life dreams to create a sense of shared meaning and purpose in their relationship.
  • Rituals of Connection: Developing rituals of connection and building a sense of unity through shared activities and traditions are emphasized.
6. Ongoing Maintenance and Relapse Prevention
  • Strengthening Skills: Couples continue to practice and strengthen the skills they have learned in therapy to ensure long-term relationship health.
  • Regular Check-ins: Regular follow-up sessions or check-ins with the therapist help maintain progress and address any new challenges that arise.
  • Building Resilience: Techniques for building resilience and maintaining a strong, positive relationship over time are reinforced.

The Gottman Method Therapy provides a structured and comprehensive approach to enhancing relationship dynamics. By following these six steps, couples can build a solid foundation, manage conflict effectively, create shared meaning, and ensure long-term relationship satisfaction and stability.

At Strive Counselling, with Gottman Method Couples Therapy, you and your partner will work with a therapist to assess the strengths and areas of concern in your relationship.

Learn More About The Process

At Strive Counselling, counsellors who offer specific Gottman Method Couples Therapy have at least a Level 1 certification through an accredited training program by the Gottman’s Institute. If you’re seeking a structured and well-researched method of relationship or couple’s therapy, book a consult today to discover how this method can help you and your partner build a lasting and loving connection.

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