Mental Skills Training for Athletic Performance

What is Mental Skills Training?

Mental skills training (MST) is a specialized service delivered by mental performance consultants (MPCs) that is designed to help elite athletes and high-stakes performers reach their full potential by enhancing their mental game. By focusing on goal setting, visualization, focus, stress management, self-talk, and motivation, athletes can enhance their mental toughness, achieve peak performance, and maintain long-term success in their athletic careers.

Utilizing Canada’s Gold Medal Profile as the framework for mental skills training, our MPCs will collaborate with you to develop techniques and strategies so you can stay focused under pressure, achieve your athletic performance goals, and maintain motivation throughout training and competition. We understand that there are many aspects to one’s game plan that can help you reach success, and appreciate that building your mental toolkit is amongst one of those areas to integrate into your training regiment.

Strive Counselling provides MST that focuses on enhancing the mental and psychological aspects of athletic performance.

What can MST help with?

Mental Skills Training (MST) is beneficial for enhancing various aspects of athletic and personal performance by focusing on psychological and emotional factors. Here are some key areas where MST is particularly effective:

Enhancing Atheltic Performance

Enhancing focus and concentration during competitions

Developing and improving goal-setting for success and achievement

Managing Anxiety

Teaches techniques to manage and reduce performance-related stress and anxiety.

Boosting Confidence and Motivation

Developing mental toughness and resilience 

Developing and enhancing self-confidence through visualization, imagery, and positive self-talk

Improving Emotional Control

Teaches athletes to manage emotions effectively, preventing negative emotions from impacting performance.

Facilitating Recovery and Rehabilitation

Supports mental and emotional aspects of recovery from injuries.

Working through feelings of burnout from over-training or an imbalance with your priorities

Enhancing Team Dynamics

Improving cohesion and closeness with your teammates, and coaching staff

Develops leadership qualities and the ability to inspire and motivate teammates.

The MST Process

1. Assessment and Goal Setting
  • Initial Evaluation: Assess the athlete’s current mental skills and identify areas for improvement.
  • SMART Goals: Set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals tailored to the athlete’s needs.
2. Education and Skill Development
  • Learning Techniques: Educate the athlete on mental skills techniques, such as visualization, self-talk, and relaxation.
  • Practice: Integrate these techniques into regular training routines for skill development.
3. Visualization and Imagery
  • Mental Rehearsal: Practice visualizing successful performance scenarios to enhance confidence and muscle memory.
  • Imagery Techniques: Use all senses to create vivid mental images of competition and training environments.
4. Focus and Concentration
  • Attention Control: Develop techniques to maintain focus on relevant cues and block out distractions.
  • Mindfulness Training: Improve present-moment awareness to reduce performance anxiety and enhance concentration.
5. Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Relaxation Techniques: Implement breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditation to manage stress.
  • Arousal Regulation: Learn strategies to control physiological arousal levels for optimal performance.
6. Self-talk and Cognitive Restructuring
  • Positive Self-talk: Develop constructive and motivating inner dialogue habits.
  • Cognitive Restructuring: Identify and change negative thought patterns to improve performance.

Mental Skills Training (MST) equips athletes with psychological tools to enhance performance by focusing on assessment, goal setting, skill development, visualization, focus, stress management, and positive self-talk. These steps foster mental toughness, confidence, and resilience, leading to peak athletic performance.

Strive Counselling offers Mental Skills Training for Athletic Performance Therapy which is a comprehensive approach that equips athletes with the psychological tools needed to excel in their sport.

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