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Strive Counselling’s core mission is to provide available and accessible high-quality therapy to serve the needs of specific members of our community. We recognize that not everyone has the same background, resources, and privilege, but are all equally deserving of receiving the help that they need. As such, our clinicians have partnered with other organizations that share similar values and philosophies for wellness and community engagement. Read on to learn more about these wonderful programs and organizations, and be sure to meet our team for more on how we can help you!

Affiliated Community Programs and Organizations

Strive partner Crime Victim Assistance Program

Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP)

Covered by the Province of BC, CVAP offers free counselling services for those who are victims affected by a crime, their immediate families, and witnesses of a crime. Applications to the program can be found here.

Strive community partner ICBC


If you were affected by a motor vehicle accident, ICBC will cover for your care, including your mental health needs. Strive Counselling is an approved provider for ICBC, and can offer subsidized counselling to help navigate issues including chronic pain, and trauma. Click here for information on ICBC coverage.

Strive community partner FNHA First Nations Health Authority

FNHA Mental Health Benefits

FNHA Health Benefits offers coverage – through various partnerships – to provide accessible and available mental (and general) health services to people of indigenous ancestry. This provision is an attempt to address the unique challenges and health needs faced by indigenous people. Strive Counsellors have experience and sensitivity addressing these needs, and are passionate about the provision of accessible therapy for indigenous people. We are proud to contribute in this manner towards the movement for reconciliation. If you are eligible, please get in touch to book your appointment.

Strive partner CCMHS

Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport (CCMHS)

Strive Counselling is proud to be a part of the CCMHS’s Mental Health Network (MHN): A network focused on providing appropriate mental health care and funding for Canadian high-performing athletes. The MHN has a centralized list of qualified practitioners who are vetted and screened to deliver the highest quality care in the context of psychology and sport. If you are a Canadian athlete, team, coach, or staff who is interested in accessing mental health care funds through the MHN, please get in touch with a Mental Performance Consultant at Strive Counselling who would be happy to assist you with your care.

Strive community partner with Richmond Olympic Oval

The Richmond Olympic Oval

Strive Counselling is proud to be partnered with the Richmond Olympic Oval to deliver Mental Skills Training and Mental Performance Consulting within their High Performance Program. This program helps elite athletes – young and seasoned – through their careers in their respective sports by providing access to high-quality professional services including nutrition, strength and condition, sleep consulting, and mental performance consulting. If you are an athlete who might be interested in this program and accessing mental skills training from our MPCs, please get in touch with us today!

strive partner fightstory for mental health


Fightstory is a mental health nonprofit organization inspired by the life of Victoria Lee, and founded by her sister and retired former One FC Champion Angela Lee. Their mission is to inspire, heal, and unite the world through the stories, struggles, and triumphs of fighters from all walks of life. FightStory believes that speaking the truth, advocating for mental health awareness, and building communities can save lives. By sharing real stories of overcoming mental health struggles, we shine the light on a topic kept in the dark and we break down the stigma surrounding mental health. Strive Counselling is proud to collaborate with FightStory in the fight for a better, kinder, and more loving world, through mental health curriculum development and connecting fighters to therapy services. Click here to learn more about how you can support this initiative:

Our Community Is Here To Help

Mental health affects us all no matter your bank account, your age, or season of life you’re currently living. At Strive, we have partnered with our affiliated community programs and organizations because we want to offer counselling services that are accessible and available for anyone who needs the help.

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